As a rapidly-growing social media platform around the globe, TikTok has become enormously a place for brands to connect with customers. Nonetheless, the platform also has fake accounts because of its demand these days. And these fake accounts can harm the reputation of your brand. As a result, they can cause problems with your marketing strategy.

Although, fake accounts refer to accounts that are using duplicity or theft identities and appear to manipulate or deceive other users. Artificial businesses frequently use them to increase their follower counts, promote their products, or disperse misinformation in society. They can also be utilized to drive loops on competitors' accounts or to manipulate the algorithm to make specific content appear more usually than it should.

As a business, it is really important to be aware of and protect your brands from these fake TikTok accounts. Because the fastest-growing fake accounts on TikTok can create several troubles for brands. This is why it is important to take precautionary steps to protect your brand from them. Here are 5 best ways to protect your brand:

1. Monitor Your Brand Account

Monitoring your brand mentions is a vital way to protect your brand from duplicity and theft of identities. In other words, monitoring the accounts of your brands is an essential strategy to protect the reputation of your brand from these malicious accounts. By vigilantly keeping an eye on if someone is claiming about your brand. You can detect any suspicious activity by following this strategy. Consequently, if you find out that any fake account is up to defame or harm your brand then you can promptly take mandatory steps to avoid this kind of activity.

2. Use Verified Accounts

Verified accounts are the accounts that Tiktok confirms and allot the blue checkmark next to their names. And this shows that a real owner or brand is managing the account rather than a malicious one. As a result, by utilizing verified accounts, you can be confident that your brand is not defamed by fake accounts.

The TikTok pay-for-verify free-for-all is long-lived. Whereas, other platforms (Meta, Twitter, and Hello) are following suit and using paid subscription plans. So, the account verification will now include well and actual verification.

3. Block Suspicious Accounts

As TikTok is an iconic platform for brands to approach their relevant audience/consumers, it is also vital to protect your brand by monitoring malicious accounts.

However, there are various techniques that can trace fake accounts. For example, a malicious profile of the brand and product that has nothing to do with your brand can be a symbol of suspicious accounts. An account that has a soaring rate of followers with an identical name of your brand can also defame your brand's image.

Thus, it is vital to take precautionary steps to block these fake accounts to protect the image of your brand and the product reputation of the brand.  To get it done, you can access the security tools of the TikTok platform which are built-in. For example, the access to report or block accounts and you can also utilize software of a third party to detect suspicious activity.

In addition, taking hands-on steps to safeguard your brand is significant to keep a positive image on TikTok and ensure that your brand does not link with any fake accounts.

4. Manage Engagement Rates

As far as managing engagement is concerned, it is another important strategy to protect your brand from fake accounts. As TikTok is a famous social media platform with a huge population and maximum engagement rates. Nonetheless, it is also susceptible to fake accounts that can negatively defame the reputation and engagement rates of your brands.

To protect your brand, it is significant to take steps to make sure that your engagement rates remain high and that any fake accounts are removed and identified. This comprises daily monitoring of your account’s engagement rate to detect any sudden drops. And implementing techniques to spot and get rid of fake accounts. And utilizing tools such as machine learning algorithms and automated moderation to recognize and flag doubtful activity.

In addition, if the engagement rate is expectedly high, it could be a sign that fake accounts are tracing or defaming the accounts of your brands. To avoid this, it is vital to keep an eye on the high rates of engagement your accounts get and traced any malicious activity.

5. Monitor Your Hashtag Usage

One of the most important strategies is to monitor your hashtag usage on the TikTok platform. Every brand ought to ensure the peak trends, the significance of hashtags, and correctness, and make sure that they are utilizing the actual one for their brands. And this step will assist you to secure and protect the reputation of your brand. Moreover, it will also ensure that you are utilizing the actual hashtags. In fact, it will enhance the quality of the product to approach the relevant audience.

In addition, it is also vital to ensure that your hashtags are not linked and similar to any controversial accounts and topics because it can damage the reputation of your brand. Typically, you can also trace that malicious accounts are not using your hashtags to defame your brands.

Protecting the Identity and Fame of Your Brand as You Scale

It is essential to protect the identity and fame of your brand as you scale on the TikTok platform. Taking proactive steps to ensure your brand is secure and recognizable is a key to success.

Brands in the early stages tend to spotlight sales and growth. But it is essential to establish and safeguard the brand identity to ward off fraudsters and trolls from damaging the reputation of your company.

To cut it short, you know the different strategies trolls that can be used now. And you know how to face them. We put the 5 tips above into action to protect your brand identity and reputation from identity theft.