TikTok has done it again ladies and gentlemen. The app has become the top platform for sharing recipes and weird food hacks. From cute pancake cereal to spicy shrimp, TikTok has recipes for every tastebud. 

So, if you thought TikTok was all about dance challenges, think again. TikTok provides you with the best tried-and-true recipes that are made by regular people like us, excluding Gigi and the Kardashians of course.  Our TikTok guru is a kind and understanding mentor, a person we all need in our kitchens. Pause it, play it, or rewind it as many times as you want, the app isn’t going to judge your cooking skills and wouldn’t call your pizza a horrendous mistake.

So, welcome foodies and chiefs to TikTok kitchen, a haven for armature cooks and midnight snackers but it might very well be Gordon Ramsey’s personal hell. Just kidding Gordon, we love you, please don’t call us an idiot sandwich.

TikTok food Hacks

Let’s dive into the delicious world of TikTok recipes and see what it has to offer.

If pancake and cereal had a love child 

This TikTok recipe managed to combine the world's top favorite breakfast items, pancakes, and cereal. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, a bite-sized breakfast bonanza. Pancake cereal is heaven in a bowl with its adorable presentation and customizable toppings.

This is a fun breakfast idea that can be easily prepared by making pancakes using a squeeze bottle, then adding them to a bowl and topping them with all your favorite toppings, like syrup, chocolate, berries, and even mini marshmallows. This little delight allows you to unleash your inner chef and mix-match failovers to your heart's content.


Start by making your pancake batter, you can also use pancake mix. Transfer the batter to a squeeze bottle or a Ziplock bag. Heat a nonstick pan and add a thin layer of oil to it. Squeeze little pancakes on the frying pan and cook until golden brown.

Baked Feta pasta: Cheesy goodness in a pot 

One of the top treading dishes on TikTok is the baked feta pasta. This dish was shared by Yumna Jawad and became so famous in Finland that the cheese went out of stock in almost all convince stores. 


As we live in a fast-paced world, we don’t have time to follow lengthy recipes. Well, you are in luck as this recipe takes only about thirty minutes. Start by boiling your pasta. In an oven-safe baking dish, toss cherry tomatoes and coat them in olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Make space for the cheese in the middle and turn it once or twice so it is well coated with oil. Place the dish in the oven to bake. While that’s getting ready chop some garlic and basil. When your dish is baked, add the garlic and basil to it and stir well. Add boiled pasta and stir until it is perfectly coated. Voila, you are done.

The cutest bread in town

Cloud bread is the Beyonce of the bread world and has captured the eyes and stomachs of people with its ethereal beauty and fluffiness. This bread is low in calories and is gluten-free, so all the fitness freaks out there can enjoy it without a trace of guilt. It only takes three ingredients to make this fluffy, pastel-colored bread: egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch. Some users have taken it a step further by adding vibrant food coloring, and natural flavor extracts and some have even tried turning it into a sandwich bun. 


To make fluffy could bread, you need three eggs, sugar, and cornstarch. You can also use food coloring, but that’s optional. Start by separating egg whites from egg yolk. Add the egg whites to a bowl and whip till they are pale and frothy. Start adding sugar to your egg whites while whipping them at high speed. Add cornstarch and continue whipping until you get a glossing thick meringue texture. On a baking dish, scoop out your meringue and bake the bread until golden. 

Dalgona Coffee is the GOAT

You all must remember the famous Dalgona coffee that took the internet by storm in 2022. In 2023, people started experimenting with coffee and have now come up with Dalgona Coffee 2.0. From chocolate and strawberry to matcha and caramel, the possibilities for reinventing Dalgona coffee are endless. This coffee isn’t just about taste but also about art. People are manifesting their artistic abilities to create mesmerizing latte art. The frothy delight doesn’t only make the tastebuds go wow, but it is also a sight for sore eyes. 


Want to try it out for yourself? Start by mixing equal parts instant coffee, white sugar, and hot water. Whip the mixture until dense foam is formed. Now heat a glass of milk and then add the foamy frothy coffee on top of it. 

You can also make other versions of it. For example, if you want to make Matcha Dalgona coffee, just add whipping cream and matcha powder instead of instead coffee. 

Shrimp that cares about your heart

The healthy way is the right way. Nowadays many people are switching to air fryers to enjoy the food they love without compromising their health. These days air-fryer shrimp is the new craze in TikTok town. 


If you are a shrimp lover like we are, you should try this delicacy out. Start by thawing your shrimp and dabbing them with a paper towel. Preheat your air fryer to 400 oF for five minutes. Take a small bowl and combine paprika, garlic powder, salt, chili powder, pepper, cumin, ground mustard, thyme, and cayenne. 

Afterward, drizzle the shrimp with olive oil or avocado oil and toss it into the spices. Mix thoroughly and place it in the air dryer to bake for seven minutes. This easy-to-make appetizer will boost your host game at house parties and will leave guests wanting more.


Childhood shenanigans 

Fruit rollups are almost every person’s favorite childhood snack. We all loved the tongue tattoos and the tangy fruity flavors. Now the internet has turned this delicious childhood candy into a new snack by combing it with everyone’s favorite dessert, ice cream. The fruit roll-up ice cream trend was introduced by a TikToker Golisdream in February 2023 and the entire internet went ballistic. This treat became an instant hit due to its unique texture (crunchy and creamy). To try this delicious treat all you must do is put ice cream in a fruit roll-up, wrap it, and enjoy.

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