To stay on top, it is important to keep an eye on TikTok trends. From viral dance challenges to popular cooking trends, TikTok feeds have taken the world by storm.  Hashtags, sound, video editing and all the fun elements in TikTok trends are exciting ways to keep the audience hooked.  

Have you tried the Pedro Pascal eating the sandwich TikTok trend? In case you missed it, you need not be concerned about staying up to date with future trends. This blog has gathered the most recent TikTok trends for you to explore. Here is the ultimate Tiktok trend list for the year 2023 

Here is the ultimate Tiktok trend list for the year 2023

@thetruthmc #CapCut #pedropascal #pedroeatingasandwich #eatingasandwich #thelastofus #goingtowork ♬ original sound - ur mother’s lover

TikTok trends 2023

Scrolling down the “ForYou”  page for hours and coming across the relevant hashtags is not the smart approach to find the latest TikTok trends.  The content on Tiktok changes rapidly and most of the clips show people in their natural habitat dancing to famous songs, hilariously exaggerating things and relating to other people.  All these types of content primarily come through three different sources

  1. TikTok hashtags
  2. TikTok sound
  3. Tiktok videos 

Now is the time to grab the attention of your Tiktok audience. We take you through the best and top most Tiktok trends for brands and creators on Tiktok. 

Tiktok trends: April 2023

 Are you ready to dive in? Here  are the  top Tiktok trends for this month 

Wes Anderson Edit 

An inspiration for many, TikTok users are drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson for creating mini movies using the elements like colour grading, typography and music.

@badiuphotography Editing my photos like a Wes Anderson movie #photography #wesanderson #wesandersonfilm #wesandersonedit #wesandersoninspired #cinematicphotography ♬ Simple Symphony: II. Playful Pizzicato - Alma Strings

Rising Popularity of this trend

Want to tell your story in a creative way, follow this trend.  It allows all creative minds to showcase their skills by replicating Anderson's distinctive visual style requires attention to detail. The top sounds associated with the trend are the following:

  • Obituray-Alexandre Desplat
  • Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic
  • Bim Bom by Joao Gilberto

Gogo Dancer Pedrok Tiktok trend

 Got that real big energy to charge your audience? Overlay the latest Pedro Pascal dancing and use  that big energy  music to elevate the mood of your audience

Answer the phone trend

The pop star's famous song includes the iconic lyrics” Answer the phone” which become the TikTok trend this April. Users are actively following this trend by acting on scenarios where they desperately want someone to pickup the phone call.

Additionally, trendsetters are filming this video with two main characters, one like a boss calling their employees and other pretending that camera is making an outbound Facetime call and acting like they are yelling at the person on the other side to pick up that call. 

Hair Theory Tiktok trend

One's hairstyle can communicate a lot about their personality and image. By altering your hairstyle, you can transform your overall look and how others view you. To participate in the TikTok trend, utilize a tripod to record yourself in a stationary position, and showcase 5 distinct hairstyles. Edit each clip to synchronize with the rhythm of the soundtrack.

I am your mother TikTok trend

Recreate the latest TikTok trend on the popular dance to Megan Trainer's "Mother" soundtrack. To participate, simply film yourself performing the dance and share it with the TikTok community. And if you really want to impress, invite your mother to join in and create a duet video that's sure to score you bonus points!

Creative ways to engage your Tiktok community

An entertaining way to showcase your talent and entertain Tiktok community. Like many, this trend provides user with a good way to showcase their personalities. Apart from creating distinct content, you can actively engage the audience in an exciting way.  

Tiktok trend : March 2023

Mimicking your pets' Tiktok trend

Jump on the bandwagon and capture the essence of your furry friends by mimicking their daily activities. To join in, simply film a short video of your pet as they go about their day, such as playing, sleeping, or eating. Once you have a few clips, merge them together, and get creative by adding an original voiceover.

Tiktok trends: A great way to connect with Pets 

This trend has gained immense popularity and is praised by  TikTok users who enjoy showcasing their pets' unique personalities and quirks. Whether it's a dog chasing its tail or a cat lounging on the sofa, every pet has its own amusing behaviours that make them special.

By participating in this trend, you not only get to show off your pet's cute and funny moments but also experience creating personalized and entertaining videos. Plus, it's a great way to connect with other pet owners and share your love for animals on social media.

Pedro Pascal eating the sandwich 

The latest TikTok trend featuring Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich is a random clip turning into trend. The video has turned into a viral meme, and it's taking TikTok by storm. Create your own version of the meme by adding the eating sound to your own awkward, or funny videos.

Whether you want to create a funny skit or share a cringe-worthy moment from your day, this trend offers endless possibilities for you to explore. So, don't miss out on the chance to participate in this popular meme and showcase your humour to your fanbase.

Go grab a sandwich, add the sound, and let your imagination run wild - who knows, your video could be the next big thing on TikTok!

 Do you feel Bonita: The famous Tiktok trend 

Are you ready to follow the TikTok trend that's making waves across the globe - the "Do you feel Bonita?" challenge? This trend features the viral sound clip from a classic episode of Family Guy where Quagmire asks "Do you feel Bonita?" to his Tinder date.

With "Bonita" meaning "beautiful" in Spanish, this trend is all about empowering and uplifting others. The clip has since taken on a life of its own, with users across TikTok using the wholesome sound to spread positivity and make people feel beautiful. 

Best Friend Tiktok trend

 The original audio came from artist Lizzo who created a Tiktok video between parents and kids that become viral on the Internet.  Content creators turned the lip-syncing Tiktok challenge into creative and amazing skit that are praised by their viewers.

 Tiktok trends : February  2023

Guessing  Rihanna’s song for the Super Bowl 

 The  Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most liked events in the history of sports. Viewers from all over the globe tune in to watch their favourite teams and players play.

 Apart from the game, fans are eagerly waiting for the performance during the halftime show. In the curiosity of the performance, creators are fervently predicting the 8-minute playlist for the halftime show. 

 Recreating Rihanna’s Half time show performance

 Minutes after Rihanna’s performance ended people start publishing their own version of the performance.  These renditions include a range of elements, awkward solos, dance moves and unique style of dancing on the floor.  From lipsyncing on the song to creative dance moves, this Tiktok trend is extremely popular during that time.

“Can we skip to the good part “ Tiktok trend 

There is hardly any individual who has not watched this Tiktok trend. The versatility of the song allows users to interpret it according to their preferences. Many people use it for different purposes, such as travel videos, transformation clips, or moments of epic fails.

Moreover, creators have started incorporating the background music of this TikTok song into two specific video clips, further adding to its popularity. With the increasing trend of incorporating music into online videos, this viral sound has become a go-to option for content creators looking to enhance the impact of their videos.

 Not only Tiktok, but content creators also prefer to publish content on other social platforms like Instagram to increase their reach. For an easy and straightforward process, Tiktok downloader will help you to download TikTok videos without the watermark.

 Tiktok trends: January 2023

 “ Dumb Ways to Die” Tiktok trend

Initially designed as a metro train announcement, the dumb ways to Die campaign has evolved into a popular dark humour trend on TikTok. The catchy sound quickly gained traction among content creators. Also, within 24 hours of its launch, it went viral on the  Tiktok platform.

Creators added a touch of humour while featuring different scenarios of epic failure, injury, accidents and other situations. This TikTok trend is a testament to the power of social media and its ability to turn a simple sound or concept into a viral sensation.

 “ Reasons Why” A popular Tiktok trend

With over 148,000 videos on "Reasons Why" is a popular playful trend on TikTok. Most of the videos using this sound feature a similar storyline, which revolves around finding a reason not to do something despite being aware that it might lead to regret later.

 It was never that serious

The newest TikTok trend involves using sound for stressful or chaotic situations by suggesting that they were never that serious. The trend gained popularity due to a content creator's deadpan line delivery, and it was further amplified by Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp.

If you haven't come across this sound on your TikTok "For You Page" yet, you're missing out on the latest viral sensation. The trend has over 136,000 videos featuring creators recalling moments when they overreacted or took things so far.

“I can buy myself flowers” Miley CyrusTop hit

Miley Cyrus’ top hit I can buy myself flowers has turned into one of the most viral trending TikTok songs.   With over 4 million videos created using this sound, it is the biggest trend on Tiktok. From girls dancing with their own bunch of flowers to dogs walking on their own, the song can be added to any video.

The song is well-known for the backstory of the pop star's breakup with her ex-boyfriend. TikTok creators have used it as a background sound to showcase how they deal with their own past relationships, as referenced in the lyrics.