You just need to name a trend and you will instantly find it on Tiktok. Tiktok is the mainstream video sharing platform that provides a range of diverse content for all the niches.  With billions of users all across the globe, everyday a  new trend goes viral on the platform.

Tiktok has helped stars to gain fame instantly with a mix of creativity and fun. Moreover, Tiktok has become a place to start trends and go viral. Overall, there are lot of strange and unique ways to put Tiktok trends into groups , from the fun side to the strange   Tiktok trends, the entire Tiktok space is the amalgamation of  different niches targeting different set of people.

Vabing on Tiktok Trend ; All you need to know

Are you familiar with the psychological triller “Perfume; The Story of a Murderer”  that  came in 2006 and become the talk of the town ? If not , lets dive in the details. The story revolves around the perfumer named Jean – Bapttiste Grenouille who is played by Ben Whishaw.  He has a typical sense of smell that feels like superpower.

 In the whole movie, his nose is shown better than  dog or pig with a  strong sense of smell. The sense of smell and addiction with beautiful perfumes leads him down darker to the roads when he fell in love with women’s essence. Soon the movie took a turn and he starts killing women to get their smell.

Strange movie twist

Although the plot of the movie may seem peculiar, it managed to achieve success at the box office.  As often the movies with last expectation and absurd plots often gets viewers to temporarily disregard logic. However, when we step out of the movie theater and enter the real world, the notion that body odors can possess an enchanting allure becomes difficult to accept. Surprisingly, this is precisely the foundation upon which the vabbing trend on TikTok is built.

Strange Vabbing at the gym Tiktok

If you've seen a video about "vabbing" on TikTok recently, you might be wondering what it is. Vabbing is when someone applies a few drops of their own vaginal fluid on their pulse points, like wrists and neck, as a type of perfume to attract potential partners.

The strange trend focuses on   There's a TikTok trend suggesting that the gym is the best place to try vabbing. One user, @jewlieah, claims that vabbing before her workout got her attention from a man who approached her and asked her out while she was doing lunges. Her video has gained over six million views and has been responded to by skeptical users.


♬ original sound - jewlieah

People’s reaction to vabbing at the gym tiktok

There is no science behind this vabbing treand, it is absurd and skeptical so instantly get viral on Tiktok. Some people are critical to the trend because of hygiene issues. Apart from the hygiene issues, it is extremely unethical to perform this act in the premises of gym.

This trend also faced criticism on other social media channels. For instance on Twitter someone said that “Saw a tiktok of someone vabbing at the gym. you're literally touching and sharing equipment with other people bro wtf and if you're doing gross things like that i bet u don't even clean the damn equipment when you're done. gross,"

Top and Trending Gym Hashtags

Tiktok trends cover all the aspects of Life, from the cringy stuff to extremely useful life tips and tricks, it has something for all. One of the specific niche and category is gym. Although there are weird hashtags too that are ranked top on Tiktok. The top fitness hashtags below focus on particular aspect s of gym and fitness.

Tiktok users worldwide are looking for the mainstream workout ideas and inspirations to refuel their bodies. So here let’s take a look at the best gym hashtags for tiktok.


With an overall 6.7 billion views on one of the trending gym tiktok hashtags, the hashtag got viral on the Tiktok platform. One of the renowned Tiktoker and popular Australian workout Professional started this street workout trend. With   reach to wider range of gym enthusiast, the hashtag is used worldwide to gain fame.

@saypookguy happy feet crawled up my ass mid set? #gym #gymtok #calisthenics #streetworkout #gymmotivation #motivation #viral #xyzbca #foryoupage #fyp #physique #pushup #pushups #cat ♬ оригинальный звук - speed songs


Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a fitter and healthier version of yourself? Look no further than the incredible world of gym workouts and exercises.  When you search for the gym hashtags  you can find all the stories related to gym, exercise and weight lose.

By sharing your workout routines, challenges, and achievements, you inspire others to join you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Together, we can motivate each other, share valuable tips, and celebrate our victories, no matter how big or small.

@sgretols Vi piacerebbe farlo? ? #gym #germanwheel #ruotadirhon ♬ Runaway - AURORA

Generic Best Gym hashtags For Tiktok

As stated, earlier Tiktok is a platform for all.  If you wonder about one of the best fitness hashtags to use in your profile. So here is a complete list of the hashtags:

  1. #fitness
  2. #gym
  3. #workout
  4. #fit
  5.  #fitnessmotivation
  6. #gym
  7. #bodybuilding
  8. #gymlife
  9. #Fitnessmotivation
  10. #getfit

Tiktok tips for fitness

 Hashtags of fitness content only works in case when the content is relevant and the viewers   are able to find value in the content. This means that the viewers will be hooked and watch the information till the very end.

 So , if you are a trainer, you would be creating videos with real estate and stock exchange  hashtags, you need to be relevant and  focus on the updated content ideas that are gaining the attention of viewers. Instead, you will go for videos that highlight the nutritional value of eatables.  Apart from that you can focus on exercise routines, equipment that would match the intertest and preferences of your target audience.

 Using the right fitness and gym keywords along with the appropriate video content for Tiktok can be a game changer for you.  It is highly likely that your content could be seen and watched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fitness hashtags are trending?

The most popular fitness hashtags are the one that are wideky used by all the fitness freaks. These includes the following:

  • #fitness
  • #gym
  • #fitnessmotivation
  • #fit
  • #workout
  • #motivation
  • #bodybuilding
  • #training

These include the top ones, otherwise there is along list to include in for all those who are looking for the trending gym tiktok hashtags.

Why vabbing on Tiktok trend gain fame?

Tiktok users claim that the natural aroma can lead to all the romantic magic.  A quick scroll through the trending hashtags #vabingtrend # vabbing shows a wide range of user generated content on this trend. The users on Tiktok encouragers content by other creators and the content gain instant attention of the viewers.